While the name is not many users who know the Yanmar brand, its engines are very present in daily life, forming part of generators, tractors or machines of land. However, it is his presence in the nautical world where Yanmar is best known for his clients, being one of the main builders and discoverers of diesel engines.

Emerged in Japan in 1912, by the end of the 1940s, small diesel engines for fishing boats were its main product and construction. Their work in the field of this type of energy took them to receive the Diesel gold medal from the Association of German inventors in 1955. From that point, Yanmar engines have become a regular both in recreational craft and marine commercial engines of medium and high speed.

Náutica Pascual is part of one of the official technical service points of Yanmar engines. We are specialists in knowledge of construction and repair of diesel engines, offering our customers the reliability of a perfectly trained team to perform all kinds of Necessary service, from simple repairs to maintenance of cruise engines.

If you have any doubt or need to have your Yanmar engine checked, do not hesitate.Contact us. From Náutica Pascual we will try to offer you the best service for you and your boat.