Honda Marine

Being one of the arms of one of the main brands in technology, not only of motor, as it is Honda, Honda Marine became one of the first manufacturers to offer 4-stroke outboard motors, as well as being a pioneer when it comes to offering light 4 stroke engines.

With more than 50 years in the nautical market and construction, Honda Marine has established itself as one of the most common brands among the customers of passenger cabins, their engines meaning reliability, fuel efficiency and performance. Your goal, creating cutting-edge engines, is to keep the slogans that have always made this brand stand out: durability, quality and tiny sound. Their improvements incorporate some of the great advances that are applied in asphalt engines, which allows offer unique services in all areas.

At Náutica Pascual we consider Honda Marine as one of the main brands of our customers with outboard motors. Understanding that its reliability and quality is essential for its use, from our technical team we can say that we are experts knowing their performance and construction, and that is why you can count on a team perfectly prepared to be able to perform all the necessary services in your boat, both in maintenance work and repair of faults.

If you want us to explain more about our official service Honda Marine or have any questions or needs in your engine, Do not hesitate and contact us. From Náutica Pascual we will try to solve all the needs that its engine.