Furia 25

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Great navigation with habitability

A contemporary boat

The Fury 25 is a boat with a very marked history, since there are only 30 boats of this type to be renamed Furia 26 just a few months after the creation of the 25. With this, the Fury 25 has that detail of unique authenticity. Its beginning of construction, dated in the 80s, speak of a milestone in the nautical industry of country. With a rounded and wide stern and its modern details for its first construction, it is a boat with a very modern design. Its structure and characteristics make it a very boat adjustable to all types of winds, both in tight and in carriers. Its hull is made of fiberglass with laminated PVC, providing a quality that does not allow many reproaches to despite his years. Its maneuverability is wide and modern, perfect for a clean navigability. The habitability is designed with a large carpentry, providing the boat with guarantee and satisfaction to its users. Its navigation qualities are not left behind with respect to more current boats, offering a plus of security and stability that is not easy to find in more modern designs. In definitive: the Furia 25 is a ship with a tradition, great capabilities and great quality that will make you enjoy sailing.
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Model : Furia 25
Constructor : Dresport
Designer : Ed Dubois
Construction : Fiberglass with PVC sandwich
Manufactured units : around 30

Total length : 8,08 m.
Boat hull length : 7,62 m.
Length of flotation : 6,40 m.
Sleeve : 2,90 m.
Openwork : 1,52 m.
Displacement : 1.975 kg.
Ballast : 865 kg.

Double berths : 2
Individual bunk beds: 1
Fresh water capacity : 105 l.
Gasoil capacity : 45 l.
Sail area : 38,5 m2