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Maintenance service

Maintenance is essential

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We keep your boat so you can enjoy it when you want

The world of sailing is a world in which the enjoyment of the boat is the essential stop. But all use entails wear and the boats they are pieces that must be maintained and taken care of in order to get the most out of them.

Over the years, maintenance of candles, general cleaning, interior equipment and applications, correct operation of the technology... are aspects to take into account when having a boat and its set-up and correct maintenance on a continuous basis are the bases to have your boat ready to navigate.

In Náutica Pascual we have a technical team of fully qualified professionals to offer you the best maintenance services for your boat. We adapt to all times and needs. With us you will find the security of having your boat ready for any moment.

We take care of your boat

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We offer different maintenance plans adapted to all our customers

The maintenance of a boat is essential to have a reliable and safe boat, with minimal repairs and, therefore, with unexpected expenses of small wingspan. In Náutica Pascual our maintenance is dedicated from maneuver, sails, worn ends, etc. Within our maintenance in our fishing ground near Barcelona, we will be able to carry out the maintenance of these points of your boat:

Molded fiberglass

We carry out helmet care, regular polishing and wax in fiberglass, discovering and repairing scratches, chips or cracks.

Care of wood

We pay special attention to the accumulation of water and possible infiltrations, as well as the lack of ventilation, loose or damaged planks and habitual cleaning of the helmet.

Motor and technology

Changes of oil and filters, belt of transmission, revision of general wiring, level of coolant. Propeller blades, bearing seat, bilge pumps and safety equipment.

Ship sails

Possible damage to seams, cuts or tears that, although they may be small, can lead to a complete loss of the sail. Review and change if necessary.

Boat rigging

We review the rig completely beyond a visual check, looking at the terminals, accessories, halyard pulleys, crosshead joints and anchor points.

We adapt to your budget

In case you prefer, we can make a budget to carry out a personalized maintenance of the boat that best suits your time and needs.

If you need more information about our maintenance service, do not hesitate and contact us. Our team of professionals will look for ways to perform maintenance that your boat needs.

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